App that connects you to like-minded locals with instant-events

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About project

Mootli was one of my startup projects. We had a team of 7. I was the CTO and sole developer. Although we failed to find product market fit, it was an awesome learning experience in building a fully working 'MVP' prototype from scratch by myself. This project took three months. We were competing against the clock so everything was optimized for time vs scalability. If I were to build it again, the code would be further refactored into Angular services and much cleaner. It should only take me 2-3 weeks to ship it.

Additional info

  • Fully-functional prototype built in three months.
  • Hybrid mobile web app connected to Google's Firebase API (A real-time database).
  • Facebook Login Authentication.
  • Built with Ionic Framework (HTML/CSS/AngularJS).
  • Can be shipped to the iOS's App Store or Android's Google Play.
  • medium post // how to save time prototyping w/code & why I chose this tech stack

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